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  • The Gated CommunityThe Gated Community
    Tuesday, July 26th, will mark four years since my mother passed away. This past week, I went to the cemetery to visit her. Every time I go, I am reminded of the essay I wrote thirteen years ago after she’d taken me to visit the plots that she and her… Read more »
  • A Toast To The Bride And GroomA Toast To The Bride And Groom
    Yesterday, our son, Joseph, was asked if he was nervous at all about the wedding plans in Stellenbosch, the wine country an hour’s drive from Cape Town. “Two days until it all happens,” he said. “I just hope no one gets Covid.” “If so,” I piped in, “it’ll be one… Read more »
  • Ain't It GrandAin't It Grand
    I take a sip from my mug of coffee while working at the little white desk in what my husband Hank and I call the “Surf Room.” I gaze out the window to my right through the little alcove that leads into our courtyard and the front door to our… Read more »
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  •  FIRE 01 This morning at 6:20am I was out on the front lawn of our home with our aging puggle, Tucker, when I heard an alarm. Ugh, I thought, one of the neighbors must have forgotten to disarm their alarm and then opened their door. As I went back into our… Read more »
  • Chinatown's COREChinatown's CORE
        I had vaccine envy last March. A bad case. At that time, the vaccine was available only to 65 and over. At 64, I was frustrated. Mere months away from eligibility, I began plotting how to get it.     “We got ours today!” friends told me. “So relieved!”     “So lucky…”… Read more »
  • My Soap Opera PandemicMy Soap Opera Pandemic
     You know those people who mastered baking sourdough bread during the early days of the pandemic, posting on Instagram a line-up of top-browned mouth-watering loaves? Or, those who took to the garden, posting a beautiful arrangement of flowers “straight from the soil out front.” One friend posted the impressive number… Read more »
  • What Happens NextWhat Happens Next
      I pull into the narrow driveway leading to the entrance of the Westwood Memorial Cemetery. They’d been closed to visitors during the height of the pandemic but had recently re-opened. What’s with the locked gate? I slip on my face-mask, grab the flowers I’d picked from our garden and step out… Read more »
  • A Song for the LifeboatsA Song for the Lifeboats
      Holiday Cards looked a little different this year. Well, everything looked a little different this year. The cards ran the gamut. We received ‘Tis the weirdest season, 2020 Has Been Bananas, stay safe so that we can see eachother back in the jungle in 2021… We hope for a better year, and one, with… Read more »
  • The RideThe Ride
     I wasn’t in the mood this morning, forcing myself out there, knowing that I’d feel good after a bike ride. I’d loved my spinning classes, but then Covid happened. How to keep my sanity? My husband, Hank, and I bought bikes and took to the hills around our neighborhood and… Read more »
  • Road TripRoad Trip
     Would I rather be on Delta, in a First-Class seat, tucked away with my laptop, masked and sanitized to the hilt? Hell, yes. We’ve flown Delta during Covid and I felt safe. But there is the airport, security, and all the other moving parts that, while I was diligent and… Read more »
  • Back In The SaddleBack In The Saddle
    Well, here I am again. On a flight. It’s comes right back to me like riding a bike.  Oh, yeah, this was my routine.  Only, it’s not. No paper boarding pass (I’m old school); no magazine stands open, formerly my ritual to go to before boarding; new signage for distancing, and we’re all… Read more »
  • It's All About The HairIt's All About The Hair
    It’s easier to think about my hair than the Pandemic and all the things in the world right now that really matter.  Worrying about my hair is an escape, really. Easier than thinking about flattening curves, human loss, and that guy talking about UV rays and disinfectant to curb the virus.So,… Read more »
  • Mom's Take On This
    As the gravity of our situation sinks in more each day and as we head into this week and next - what is said to be “Our Pearl Harbor,” I think about my mother.What would she have said about all of this?I could count on her, even toward the end… Read more »
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